Painting Part 1. Base Color

I will paint the Marder in a winter camouflage, but I like do it subtle different i, usually I do it. It is a vehicle with three-color camouflage, winter comes and the crew applied a camouflage with brushes, but not completely cover the original camo.

I will divide the paint process in four main phases:
1 / Camouflage base.
2 / Basic weathering.
3 / Application of white paint camuflage.
4 / Final weathering and finish.

As usual start applying the base color with airbrush:

I aplied three yellow degrees, a lighter yellow for the upper surfaces, a mid yellow for the vertical planes, and a darker yellow for the bottoms of the vehicle:

In the interior, the yellow is darker than the exterior plates:

Outside – inside comparative plates:

I apply the same effects in the wheels, very soft and natural:

I continue painting the camouflage patches:

I finish with a subtle shading with black XF-1 and brown XF-10 very diluted, I insist in the bottom and inside the crew chamber:

For now this is all, in the next part: Decals and the basic weathering…

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