XVIII Edizione «Centro Modellistico Torinese». Grande Italia!

Hi All,

Last weekend, I had the honour to visit, invitated by the organization, the XVIII Edizione Della Mostra Concorso Internazionale CMT (Centro Modellistico Torinese).

The event was place in the excelent Mirafiori Motor Village, in the «Agora», an excellent conference hall, perfectly equipped to this use.

For me the most remarkable is the friendly atmosphere and well organized, the participation was large and a good level.

From Spain attend Diego Fernandez Fortes and Pepe Gallardo for the figures, and Ruben Gonzalez and me, for the AFV Models, Ruben and me had a paint demo, and show some of our works.

Showcase with our models.

Ruben in his demonstration.

Now my turn.

The saturday night fraternity lunch… excellent pizza tasting.

Alessandro Bruschi, a modeller editor, speaker… and a good friend.

And Models, a lot of model…

I like thanks to Franco Orsogna, Paolo Cattibini, Dario Caragalio and to all CMT Members, for do I’m like home, to Alessandro Bruschi and Vicenzo Lanna from Auriga Publications and his attentions, to Stefano di Rensis for the nice conversations and for take from his facebook some of this pictures.

I cannot forget… and for Enzo Maio for this kind drawing:

Thanks and Best Regards All.