Daimler Dingo, Build and Paint starts

I’m working in this little Tamiya jewel, the build runs quickly, I did it with Carlos Alba, this model will be for scene to raffle in the Almeria Modelismo Clinic in February.

For the painting, I use the Vallejo’s primer and it «Bronze Green» set:


For the ilumination, I used the paint very contrasted, for an easy understanding, I airbrushed an easy tip, for explain the process:


  1. I start with the primer color, (it’s very dark color).
  2. For the shadows, mix 018 Camuflage Black to 250 Bronze Green, applied to the lower parts of the model.
  3. This mid tone, 250 Bronze Green + 252 , I aplly it in upper vertical and sloping sides of the Vehicle
  4. The Highlights, anterior color with 225 Light Green, in the upper horizontal panels.
  5. The last light, it’s aplied like small clouds in the horizontal plates.

The idea is to do a natural zenithal light, to enhance the volumes, to obtain a realistic results.

Carlos Alba, paint his Dingo, with me, here his pictures.