Hungarian Panzer Officer, The Body, 1/35. (Paint in Progress II).

I start to paint the uniform with the airbrush, I mixed Vallejo’s acrylic Glossy Black 861 with Saddle Brown 940, this way I obtain a satin color perfect to imitate the leather finnish:

I apply highlights airbrushing from the upper of the figure, to lightening the base color with more Saddle Brow, and Bright Orange 851. Important, don’t apply it uniform, only from the high of the figure to light the upper parts, I was applied three or four shades lightening successively:

For finish the airbursh phase, I did the opposite process, in this case I mixed Black 950 + Glossy Black 861, and very diluted, I airbrush it from the down of the figures, to increase the shadows of the figure:

For finnish the leather jacket, I increased the last lights and the last shadows with the airbrus, and I outlined the lights and shadows, to add more color tones I applied blue and sepia glazes and little chipping with orange and flesh colors:

And for this is all, next step the trousers, sleeves and the cap. I hope you like it.

Best Regards All.