Hungarian Panzer Officer, The Body, 1/35. (Paint in Progress III).

I continue painting the Hungarian Panzer Crewman, now is the turn of the khaki green cloths, I try to paint it with the airbrush like the «Jerkin» jacket, but the necessary masking is very dificult, with sleeves in khaki green cloth, finally I decide to do it with brush.

I prepare a base color with 4p. German Field Grey WWII 830 + 4 p. Russian Uniform 924 + 1 p. English Uniform 921 + 1 p. Olive Green 967 + Flat Base X-21 de Tamiya, for una absolute flat finnish, I apply the base coat in three or four fine layers, until obtain a perfect finish.

Next step is the highlights, to the base color I start adding Sunny Skintone 845, for the last lights I add Light Flesh 928, is very important in every highlight paint less surface that previous one:

Next step is the shadowing or downlight, I add to the base color Olive Grey 888 and Oxford Blue 807, the blue is very important to do deepest shadows and more atrative color, a bit of the Medium Glaze 596 is fundamental also to do it in very thin layers, in next picture is hard to observe the two first shadow layers:

In the latest shadows I add a bit of Black 950, and I do the shadow and light outlines:

Next Step the boots and cuir complements.