M-706 Commando Armored Car, Airbrush Paint Work

I start to paint the M-706, logically I start with the airbrush work, I used the excellent Vallejo Model Air’s colors, I did a color select for an optimal results.

1/ First coat is the Primer color, US Olive Drab Primer #608

M-706_302/ I obtain the base color mixing Model Air Olive Drab #043 with Bright #254 Brillo, ratio 5:2

M-706_403/ First lights ara doing adding more Bright #254, to the previous color, I apply it in the upper surfaces, I search a natural and cenithal ilumination

M-706_50 4/ For the second light I add Model Air Sand #075, to reinforced the previous light, to imitate the weathering for the use, this way I paint with little clouds, more in the horizontal surfaces and in the most used zones

M-706_605/ For the sahdowing I mix Olive Drab #043 with Russian Green #017, I apply it in the panel joints and in the bottom vehicle parts, to reinfor the shadows and enhance the volumes
M-706_706/ To finnish I apply the weathering sketch, with a red earth color, characteristic in the Vietnam Vehicles, I used the #035 Cam. Light Brown, later with the weathering I will reinforced this effects