Un Panther a Saumur

Hi Everyone,

Latest June month, Javier Redondo, Andres Bernal and me, visited the Samur Museum in France, this is aboslutely awesome, as well our french friends was received us very warm and friendly, I like amog all, to emphasize Jose Duquesne, he’s a member of the museum, he is now restoring a Panther, these is one of two captured in Dompaire, for many years it was «parked» in the Les Invalides esplanade.

Some time ago, the Panther was transported to Saumur, Jose taking charge of its restoration, but unfortunately not be able to move, all the torsion bars are damaged, for now the Panther looks like the real pictures.

At the return travel, we spoke about do a present to Jose, and we according do a Panther idem to its Panther, myself will the Panther building, Andres do the base and the complete figure and Javier paint base and vehicle, when every one did its work, and some km. travelling for Spain the result is this:

I hope you like it.

Best Regards All.